Feral Fixers had another 8 cats spay/neutered at the PAWS-Chicago Spay-Neuter clinic today. 5 of them were from the "House of 12" I wrote about earlier. This means that a total of 11 out of the 12 indoor cats at this house have now been fixed. We would have done the 12th one today, too, but he was sick. Still, 11 out of 12 means that no cats in this house will now get pregnant and we will get the 12th one done in the near future.

As with our previous trip to PAWS last Sunday, Jennifer took the cats in the morning and dropped them off at PAWS while I picked them up in the evening. Unlike the last trip, however, I was 'processed' almost immediately. My timing was good. I got there at the same time PAWS began showing their "after-surgery care video". PAWS has a TV mounted in the lobby and they periodically play different videos for people in the waiting room; one video deals with housetraining pets, another discusses bringing home an additional pet and how to introduce it to the pets already living at the household, etc. They also have an 'after-surgery care video', a video that tells petowners how to care for their pet after the surgery they had that day. As I said, my timing was good. While the video was playing and the people were watching it, PAWS-personnel got me and 'my' cats out of there in about 10 minutes.

With today's surgeries, that makes 640 cats that have been fixed due to the efforts of us at Feral Fixers. As impressive as that sounds, Tammy told me yesterday that she has, literally, requests for another 100 cats to be processed (and it's only February!). We'll be looking for ways to step up our efforts ASAP...

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