So there's this nice lady, see? And she keeps taking in litters of kittens because she's good-hearted, see? And now she has 12 cats in her house, see? And 6 of them are male and 6 of them are female, see? And 3 of the females are in heat, see?

Yes, a disaster waiting to happen...

Fortunately, this lady realized what she is getting herself into, perhaps a potential hoarding situation spinning out of control, so she contacted Feral Fixers for help.

I picked up the 6 friendly-feral females today and they will be taken to PAWS-Chicago tomorrow (along with some outdoor ferals) to get them all spayed/neutered. On our next go-around, we'll take in the 6 males and then we'll have this group taken care of.

But this neighborhood needs help, too. While I was loading up these 6 cats (the picture is of the carriers in my car - click on the picture to see a larger version of it), I saw at least 3 other ferals roaming around the neighborhood. And that was in a period of just a few minutes, so I'm sure there are many more here...

I'm sure we'll be coming back here several times to get this situation under control

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