Mid-September Already!

Time is getting away from all of us! I need to remind everyone to register for our 15th Anniversary Event on October 1st, at the Double Tree Suites by Hilton at 2111 Butterfield Rd, Downers Grove. We hope to see all of you! I know how busy everyone is and this is not the usual time for us to have this kind of event – it was impossible to do it sooner, just too much going on. The DoubleTree is a great place, and it should be a relaxed, positive event, come join us! You have just 10 days to sign up. We could not take tickets at the door as we have to arrange the food in advance – see, we are trying to do the least amount of work ourselves and we have to give a head count in advance, don’t want to waste but want everyone to enjoy the food! We are past the deadline to cancel so we are committed to this event – there’s been an uptick today in people signing up, but you always worry about events! Looking forward to seeing you all!!!

Three More Trips

9/7 - DCAS – 2 friendlies, 28 ferals, 15 females, 11 males. This was a difficult trip. One female was already spayed. One female did not receive surgery as URI symptoms were too great. One male died on the table and was not able to be revived – came from a very tough area. One had severe neck wounds, many broken teeth and was obviously very old and was euthanized. We cannot let these cats continue to suffer but we do the best we can to help them as soon as we can.

9/8 – ADOPT – 5 friendlies, 5 ferals, 6 female, 2 male. One female older kitten refused to turn friendly so was just there for rabies and ear tip. One male was discovered to have oral cancer and was euthanized.

9/13 – DCAS – 20 ferals, 12 female, 8 male. This time of year, we trap so many older kittens – if we had just gotten the call 6 weeks sooner when they were tameable, if we could have gotten to them before the mom got pregnant. If wishes were fishes…

This brings us to 56 for September (everyone who got surgery), 637 for the year, 14,589 since our start. We have less than two months more to go before we stop doing ferals, it will be interesting to see what our grand total for the year will be.

Our last trip to DCAS will be on October 28th, so we will stop trapping ferals after that week. Of course, we will be impacted by the weather and kittens on hand as to how many surgeries are done after that and into December. We do not do feral s/n if the outside temps are 30 degrees and lower. Have to wait until at least February if new ferals show up!

9/13 trip of 20 ferals to DCAS Cats for relocation, cats going in the following day, 30 cats for 9/7, oh my!  Usually do not have to put up SEVEN tables to fit everybody!

We received another mom & babies 9/9, here is one 3 week old at weigh in! The one surviving kitten from the mom with severe asthma, DCAS helped us by combining him with other 5 day old bottle babies - he's doing great!

Feral Fixers 2023 Raffle

The Feral Fixers 2023 Raffle deadline is midnight 9/15 – 24 hours to get your choices in! Drawing 9/20. Thank you to everyone participating, wish you could all win!

Adoption Event 9/23

Saturday, 9/23, 11am to 3pm at our building, 330 Eisenhower Ln N, Lombard.

Pre-approved adopters have priority! Check out our Petfinder page but remember, all may not be listed!

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