On 6/27, we sent 18 cats to ADOPT, 11 friendlies, 7 ferals, 13 female & 5 males.  This brought our total for June to 80.

On 7/2, we sent 22 cats to DCAS, 18 friendlies, 4 ferals, 11 females and 11 males.

On 7/5, 10 friendlies made the trip to ADOPT, 3 females and 7 males.

This brings us to 32 for July so far, 269 for the year and 11,240 since our beginning.

We’re pretty much keeping pace with last year at this time, volume-wise.  We had over 120 kittens on hand, now that they are old enough and we’ve been able to start neutering them, adoptions inquiries have been quite brisk.  Please pass on the information on our Facebook and Petfinder to friends and family – we need to find the best homes as quickly as possible for our kittens in order to make more room for those who are waiting to come in – please share the positive aspects of fostering as well!!!

Many thanks to Debbie who has been doing additional duty on transport – life happens, even to Rescue volunteers!

As If They Were Our Own

Maybe we were crazy to start a fundraiser right before the 4th of July!  Please read about Molly, share her story, she is one of the many cats that we have helped with donations from our generous donors!  Molly is almost done healing, last staples might come out this weekend and the cone to come off soon after – her tummy has got to itch like crazy tho!  Please help us help the cats we encounter – they don’t have anyone else!

Stay cool!  Don’t forget to put water out for the ferals!

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