Updated October 4th

Valentino and his two siblings came from a garage. There were wayyyyy too many cats in there and we just had to help. They were very underweight and although old enough to eat solid food they just were not up for it. We've had an issue with kittens crashing after getting dewormer this year - dewormer hasn't changed but maybe those roundworms are just super toxic as they are dying off this year. These guys got lots of KMR and slowly transitioned and grew. Valentino always had a third eyelid issue - it covered the inner corner of his eye all the time. THEN he was playing hard and somehow his left rear leg got stuck and he fractured it. His leg healed beautifully in a very short time. His eye did not resolve though and would have been a source of discomfort the rest of his life so was removed. He is a super happy, beautiful boy and we're so glad to have been able to help him thru these trials!

This is just another cat that we give the care and consideration

As If They Were Our Own!




October 4th 2020 - Update!

Valentino is now all healed up!


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