Roxbury comes from a colony where we have neutered 45 cats so far - 15 kittens and 30 adults and there are 4 more kittens in foster waiting to be old enough to be neutered and go on to happy homes. When Roxbury went in for her spay we didn't know just how bad her eye was, but DCAS recommended her eye be removed and we are so grateful they were able to do it at the same time as her spay. This was a location that the caretakers told us that there were 10 - 15 cats and now we are at almost 50 to date. The "As If They Were Our Own" funds make a huge difference in the lives of the cats and of the caretakers who simply cannot care for the numbers that grow so quickly and the health issues that may occur. Roxbury is up for adoption with her close pal Misty, who also came from a larger than expected colony. Please help us help them!

This is just another cat that we give the care and consideration

As If They Were Our Own!




The Three Kittens

These three were trapped with their mom. Mom has been spayed and is in foster and these three are in another foster. They all just showed up and curled up by the sliding glass door. Their names are now Morgana, Morrie, & Moon Pie and donations from fundraisers like "As If They Were Our Own" will help us facilitate their neuters and vaccinations going forward! They are so lucky that we have donors to help!

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