A productive weekend
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Written by Ted Semon   
Sunday, September 20, 2009

Yesterday I brought 10 feral cats to the PAWS-Chicago Spay/Neuter clinic to be fixed. A member of our Board of Directors, Regina, came down to PAWS to pick them up in the afternoon - thanks Regina!

Today I brought down 16 more feral cats plus 1 'friendly feral' to PAWS to be fixed. Unfortunately, one of the ferals did not make it, dying on the operating table. The PAWS vets did what they could to revive the cat, but to no avail. This is always upsetting, but is, unfortunately, just part of the process. Because it happens so rarely, its always a shock when it does happen. The cat that died was young, part of a litter of 3. The parents had been fixed without problems as did its litter mates, so there was something unique about this cat, unfortunately fatally unique...

When I bring cats to PAWS, I'm never sure about how 'talkative' they're going to be. Some days they're noisy and some days they're quiet. Today I had a real 'choir' singing at me all the way to PAWS - and, as it's an hour drive for me, I got plenty of time to 'appreciate' their vocal efforts. The ride back, when they're still recovering from surgery, is always blessedly quiet...

So, we had a total of 26 cats fixed this weekend. This gives us 74, so far, for this month; 590, so far, for this year and 1,201 overall. Over 1,200 cats!


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