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Last Thursday, Feral Fixers sent in another batch of cats to the PAWS-Chicago clinic to be fixed. I didn't make the trip on Thursday, so our President Tammy gives us the update:

Started with 39 cats.

One friendly was so sick with URI (upper respiratory infection) that he got bumped Wednesday night. Yes, there is yet another hoarder.

Another's URI was full-blown in the AM, so he got bumped and four kittens that were going in as ferals had such insane diarrhea that we held them back.

So we sent 33 cats into PAWS.

Of the 33, three did not receive surgery because one had URI symptoms that we hadn't realized and two had mouth ulcers - ouch!

One cat from the new hoarder had an eye that was so bad, PAWS offered to remove it for us. This is going far above and beyond what is expected of them and we cannot fully express our gratitude. Otherwise the cat would have had to wait a few days so that it could once again be sedated at another vet to undergo surgery. This has saved us so much and helped this cat tremendously.

So we ended the day with 30 cats having surgery.

Jennifer and Charli transported into PAWS and Jodi and Stacey picked up.

Thank you Jennifer, Charli, Jodi and Stacey!

With these first 30 cats of August, Feral Fixers has now processed 550 cats for the year and 4,055 overall.

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