Help us find a rainbow at the end of the storm!

When you take on a huge task like TNRing an entire county, things get worse before they get better.

We've made a huge improvement in people not wanting to take the kittens they find to county. They feel more personally responsible for what happens to them, they care so much more and want to do whatever they can to help them.

This has resulted in a glut of kittens. Everywhere. You've seen on our Facebook page that West Suburban Humane Society has 91 kittens for their adoption event this weekend. We have at least 48 on our hands. And that does not include some wonderful adults waiting for homes.

There's a saying that you cannot adopt your way out of pet overpopulation. You have to spay and neuter. Well, we are doing that, even more than last year. But a by-product of TNR is kittens and friendlies that need homes.

So, we've had the Kitten Storm, now we need the rainbow of adoption to come out from the clouds. Poetic, eh? But really true.

I’ve seen the kittens that West Suburban has for adoption. They are all healthy, all friendly – pawing thru the cage bars to get your attention. “Pick me, pet me!”

Our kittens are doing great – our fosters do a wonderful job!

This week we returned a dozen kittens to the outdoors because there was simply no room to foster them and even if they were fostered, nowhere for them to go afterwards. That just kills us. Now, hopefully the kittens will become friendlier on their own and we’ll be able to pull them in a few months. But what about the next batch of kittens that will be born in the next few weeks?

Resources have limits. We cannot let these cats continue to breed and produce if there are not sufficient homes for the resulting volume.

When you or those you know visit a shelter, ask for Feral Fixers kittens/cats.

And know that each time there is an adoption, it makes way for others to come in from the Storm!

Help us see the RAINBOW!

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