Coming Up

Come see us at BloomingFest in West Chicago on May 19th. We’ve never attended this event before, looking forward to it! There is a large Hispanic population in West Chicago. If you speak Spanish and would like to hang out with us that day and answer questions for us, it would be tremendous help! We can usually get by, but forming complete sentences and being sure of communicating would be ideal!

Our next Sweet Tomatoes is on May 22nd – Hope to see you there!

Our matching funds donor is at it again – look for details in next month’s newsletter!


I’ve updated our Wish List with Walmart – enter Feral Fixers for first and last name, May 2012 and Illinois to get to our list. Several people made donations – its really great to have boxes of cat litter show up at your door – no driving to the store, wheeling the cart thru the store with the heavy cat litter, loading it into your car, unloading it from your car…it was worth so much more than a donation of cat litter, it was a donation relieving me of my time and effort that would have been involved. Priceless! We also got garbage bags and litter boxes and toys! All of these are ongoing needs and very much appreciated!

Hope to see you in West Chicago!

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