And, catching up a bit here...

On February 12th, Feral Fixers Board Member Kurt took some cats into the PAWS-Chicago Spay/Neuter clinic to be fixed - these were cats that he does for colonies and caretakers in his area. As part of his trip, he also took in a cat (a friendly feral) for Feral Fixers. Thanks Kurt!

And, this past Thursday, super-volunteer Mary took in 4 cats (2 ferals, 2 friendly ferals) to PAWS while super-volunteer Stacy picked them up and brought them back to Tammy's for recovery. Thanks Mary! Thanks Stacy!

And today, we took in a large load of cats to PAWS. We thought we had 41, but in actuality there were 42 - I think it was a "too many cooks..." caused problem. 34 of these cats were feral while the other 8 were friendly ferals. The upshot of that was that the 42nd cat was not processed by PAWS and was not discovered until we had gone there in the evening to pick up the cats. PAWS, being the great people they are, scrambled and did the surgery on this cat (a friendly, yet) after people had already begun shutting down the clinic and cleaning up. Thanks PAWS - you guys rock! Just a side note - PAWS adopted out over 1,000 kittens from Chicago Animal Care & Control last year and also performed over 17,000 surgeries (17,618 to be exact) in 2011. These guys define the term "high-volume' when it comes to spay/neuter surgeries...

Oh, and one of the cats brought in today had already been spayed, so we really only did 41 - 1 + 1, or 41 cats today.

With a big load like this, there are many people to thank. Super-volunteer Jennifer helped me transport the cats into PAWS this morning and super-volunteer Stacy helped me transport the cats back from PAWS this evening. Thanks Jennifer! Thanks Stacy! Super-volunteer Judy was at Tammy's both this morning and this evening helping to handle to workload. Thanks Judy! And super-volunteer Sue once again loaned us the use of her van to allow us to transport such a large quantity of cats. Thanks Sue!

So, with these 46 cats (in total), Feral Fixers has now processed 57 cats for the month of February, 71 for the year and 3,576 overall.

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