Yesterday, Feral Fixers brought in 26 more cats to the PAWS-Chicago Spay/Neuter clinic to be fixed.

18 of these were friendly ferals while the other 8 were true ferals.

New volunteer Stacy helped me on both ends of the trip - picking up the cats from Tammy's and bringing them to PAWS and then picking them up from PAWS and bringing them back to Tammy's for recovery and return - Thanks Stacy! Stacy got involved with us because of a situation we see all too often. She and her husband had a feral cat that had kittens, and then later on one of those now-grown-up kittens had more kittens and the situation was quickly getting out of control. Fortunately, she heard about us and we were able to work with her to trap and fix all but one of the cats (a big tom).

PAWS found that two of the cats we brought in this trip were already fixed, so we wound up adding 24 more to our November totals. Final totals for November were 169 cats, a new monthly record for us! For 2011, we have now had 940 cats fixed and, overall, 3,421.

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