Last Monday and last Wednesday, Feral Fixers had a total of 21 cats fixed at the PAWS-Chicago Spay/Neuter clinic.

On Monday, our friends at Triple-R-Pets brought in five cats that we had trapped in DuPage County, along with the 30 they did for their own area. Tammy gives us the details:

When I dropped them off Sunday night I had to bring a table with me as Collette ran out of tables. She brought in 30 plus our 5. All ferals and yep, two of our five are FRIENDLY!

Two of our five came from a location that the caretakers were sure had only two cats. They caught those almost two months ago. Took them inside to try to tame - creating a vacuum. They've done 6 more cats since then as the cat neighborhood realized there was space at the food dish! It isn't working out for the cats that came inside, they would prefer to be out, so there will be another shake up in the neighborhood when they return outside but a lot fewer kittens come Spring!

Thanks Triple-R-Pets!

And on Wednesday, the super-volunteer tag team of Julie and Connie brought in 16 more cats to PAWS to be fixed. Again, Tammy lets us know what happened:

We sent in 16 cats, 15 ferals and one friendly.

En route, one of the feral kittens suddenly had intense upper respiratory symptoms. It was decided not to attempt surgery on him or his sister and wouldn't you know, they are both FRIENDLY and headed to a foster to become healthy!

Of the 14 remaining, everything went smoothly. There was a massive feral tom that we were sure was in the 20 lb range, asked PAWS to weigh him while he was knocked out, just a mere 13.5 pounds!

With the use of transfer cages, kitten traps for the small cats, 16 cats managed to travel in Julie's car - the friendly on Connie's lap!

Thanks Julie! Thanks Connie!

With these 20 19 cats, in total, Feral Fixers has now processed 120 119 cats for November, 891 890 for the year and 3,372 3,371 overall.

(Whoops! I didn't read all of Tammy's writeup of the 16 cats and had originally posted that we TNR'd 15 of them - it should have been 14 and the article has been corrected to reflect that.)

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