Today was one of those days...

The PAWS-Chicago Spay/Neuter clinic had a "Spay Day" today, a day where only feral cats were brought into the clinic to be spayed/neutered. Feral Fixers had been allotted 20 'slots' (cats) and Tammy and the trapping crew came up with 18 cats. However, one of them, somehow, someway, got loose in her garage and so I had only 17 cats to bring to PAWS this morning (the 18th cat has since been recaptured and will be brought into a local vet for spay/neuter surgery).

So, I brought in 17 cats to PAWS today. One of them, however, decided that he did not want to be sedated. The PAWS staff gave him the standard anaesthetic - no dice, this cat was still wide awake. So, several minutes later, they gave him a second anaesthetic shot, but he still didn't want to go down. However he was quite woozy, so the PAWS staff began their pre-surgery process with him. At this point, he decided to fully 'wake up' and became a hazard. He ran around the clinic and, when captured, bit one of the Vet-techs! He then conked out and was neutered, but according to the local rabies laws, he needs to be kept for observation before we can return him to his colony - sigh... No one is worried that he actually has rabies, but rules are rules and PAWS has to keep him two weeks - and then we'll pick him up and return him to his colony.

So I wound up bringing home only 16 cats, out the original 18 we were supposed to do. Stuff happens... However, earlier in the week, we had the rock-star group at Triple-R-Pets bring in two of our other cats which had been trapped and needed to be TNR'd.

With these (in total) 19 cats, Feral Fixers has processed 76 cats for the month, 771 cats for the year and 3,252 overall.

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