This past Monday, National Feral Cat Day was the subject of a 2&1/2 minute skit in the opening monologue of the Conan O'Brien show.

Conan's sidekick, Andy Richter, gave a brief (but good) explanation of the feral cat issue and then told Conan that he had "done his part" in trying to help to alleviate the problem.

The rest is quite funny (IMHO) and I won't spoil it for you - just watch it here.

Some people may think this video clip trivializes the feral cat issue. I prefer to look on the bright side here. This show averages around a million viewers per evening, plus the uncounted number of people who view his show online and in reruns. I would bet that the great majority of these people had never heard of 'feral cats' or 'National Feral Cat day' and have now been exposed to the issue. This can only be good for us and those who care about Feral Cats - thank you Conan!

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