Last Sunday, the 16th, Feral Fixers held its Celebrate 3000! breakfast and fundraiser. We had a great turnout; lots of people had already registered with our "Early Bird Special" and many others were "Walk-Ins". I knew we'd be in for a good showing when people began arriving up early!

The facility, the Diplomat West, was first-rate and the breakfast they served was excellent! I and many other people had multiple servings from the buffet - especially the yummy fruit tray.

Before we started eating, our President Tammy took the Microphone and gave a short speech highlighting our accomplishments and also our ongoing need for volunteers and for funds. Sometimes I think we are victims of our own accomplishments. We've done so many cats and we've had so much success in driving downward the number of ferals picked up by the local authorities, that I think sometimes people look at what we're doing and decide we don't need any additional help or any more donations, if only that were true (hint, hint).

Tammy also thanked Mimi Black for her efforts to turn the city of Elmhurst from a TNR-hostile place to one that endorses TNR and endorses Feral Fixers (this was originally posted in our March, 2011 Letter from the President article) and presented her a plaque commemorating her efforts. Mimi then made a short speech talking about how she got motivated to 'do something' and how she succeeded in a very unfavorable environment. Congratulations again, Mimi, you're a hero!

I then grabbed the microphone and made a short presentation of a plaque to Tammy marking her leading this group to successfully TNR'ing 3,000 cats!

Congratulations Tammy - the plaque says it all; this wouldn't have happened without you!

Everyone chowed down after that and a relaxing and enjoyable morning was had by all.

Thank you to everyone who came, to everyone who purchased our new "Chip Pins" and to everyone who donated to Feral Fixers. I've said it before and I'll say it again; "WE COULDN'T DO WHAT WE DO WITHOUT YOU1".

(The top picture thumbnail is of Tammy and Mimi. The middle picture thumbnail is of the plaque we gave Mimi and the bottom picture thumbnail is of the plaque we gave Tammy. Click on any of the picture thumbnails to see a full-size version of the picture.

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