Monday is your last chance to purchase tickets for the Feral Fixers Celebrate 3000! fundraiser. This event will be held next Sunday, October 16th, from 9am to 12 noon, at the Diplomat West Banquet hall on North Avenue in Villa Park (more details are on the home page of our website).

This is a very important event for Feral Fixers from a financial viewpoint. Our funds are low because we've had to spay/neuter so many cats that don't have recognized caretakers; cats and kittens (especially kittens!) that have been found on the street, in parking lots, underneath abandoned structures, etc. Feral Fixers winds up absorbing 100% of the cost for fixing these cats and this has had an adverse financial impact on us. We're certainly not going to ignore these cats as they, too, contribute to the problem that we're trying to address; the cat overpopulation in DuPage County, but dealing with these cats causes a severe financial strain for us.

As a result, we need your help and your funds now more than ever. Please come to our fundraiser and show your support for Feral Fixers. The results from our work are clear; since 2008, the number of feral cats and kittens that have been brought into the DuPage County Animal Care & Control clinic have dropped in HALF - we ARE making a difference. But to continue this, we need your financial help.

If you purchase your tickets through our website, you can get the Early Bird special rate; $19 per ticket rather than the $25 per ticket we'll be charging at the door.

Either way, we hope to see you on Sunday!

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