2800 cats is a big responsibility. That’s how many cats we have s/n and have our microchip in them. That makes me feel that we are ultimately responsible for them to the best of our ability.

When one is injured, we do our best to get it medical attention.

When one has been adopted thru a caretaker and then surrendered to Animal Control because the adopters are moving to somewhere that doesn’t take cats, I feel we have to help this cat find a new home.

When a caretaker does TNR and then “doesn’t want the cat around anymore” and takes it to Animal Control, even tho it’s a friendly cat and would do well inside, I feel we need to help the cat.

Our fundraiser “As If They Were Our Own” came just in time. It has done really well and we are tremendously grateful!!!

Lisa, the cat who had her leg removed is now in a very happy home, well loved by her new mom. Willow, a cat that had an enormous abscess on his paw, is bouncing around his foster home without a care in the world, completely healed. Beau, the cat who needed the echo, may go to a home that adopted his siblings earlier in the year, in the meantime he is being quite the character in his foster home.

Since these cats, we’ve had broken legs, broken feet, eye removals, you name it! But, please don’t, we don’t want even more to show up!

Your donations make the care of these cats possible and we can’t thank you enough!

(The picture thumbnail is of Willow - click on it to see a full-size version.)

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