Cheryl Maibusch has been a long-time supporter of TNR and Feral Fixers. She has recently started her own company, this targeted towards our indoor feline friends, The Cat Groomer.

Why would you want to have someone groom your cat? Don't they clean themselves? Well, yes, but from Cheryl's website:

It is a common belief that cats “groom themselves”. Yes, cats do lick themselves, and their raspy tongue does aid in the neatening of their hair. But just as with dogs, our feline friends can benefit from regular professional grooming to enhance not only their appearance, but their comfort & health as well. Regular professional grooming will help combat dry, flaky skin, clean up a greasy coat, help keep excessive shedding under control, as well as reduce the incidence of hairballs. Regular grooming performed by a Certified Feline Master Groomer (CFMG) can also aid in the early detection of abnormalities that may arise throughout the life of the cat, allowing for the early intervention of qualified veterinary physicians to keep kitty healthy & in tip-top condition!

In addition, our President has this to say about Cat Grooming:

Cats that need grooming can become very cranky as it really is painful. The fur becomes dreadlocks that are so tight that they actually start to draw the flesh into them. Long, fine fur is a risk for ferals because of this. Another reason you don't see that many ferals with long hair. People will think that their feral has a skin condition when in actual fact the cat has managed to pull a huge patch of knots out, leaving a bald patch. There's a new phrase in the vet community, feline resistance. Appointments are down for cats as people think that cats don't need to go to the vet as often and the cats put up such an unholy fuss, hide, scream, bite, scratch = feline resistance. Its my new favorite phrase. The need for cat groomers will increase as people use a vet less often but still need to battle those knots.

So, if you have a cat that you want groomed (or just something simple like having their toenails trimmed), give Cheryl a call at (630) 432-1799 or visit The Cat Groomer website. And, as you can see from the picture thumbnail, Cheryl will come to you! (Click on the picture thumbnail to see a full-size picture of Cheryl and her mobile van). Good luck to Cheryl and her new business and thank you for supporting TNR!

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