Will They Be Okay?

Feral cats have been living thru winters for a very long time. While it can be challenging if they are not 100% healthy, keep in mind that snow acts as an insulator. If they can find shelter, they can burrow to it and keep warm – think of igloos. If you have not done your best to make sure they have a warm shelter, work on it now. There are several sites for shelter information on our website and you can Google “feral cat shelters” and get tons of information.

Frosty Claws was a Hit!

Thank you to everyone who attended Frosty Claws. We had a record turnout and everyone seemed to have a great time! Many people expressed their regrets at having a prior engagement – we will always be trying to schedule it the Sunday before Martin Luther King’s Birthday, so keep that in mind in the future. Everyone enjoyed the food, the raffles and each others company the most, I think!

No one has inquired, but we did find a ring that day, please contact us if you can identify it.

Getting Back to Trapping

There is much more to Feral Fixers than trapping cats. There’s fundraising, record-keeping, those injured ferals and all of that takes time. Now we have been hit with this Blizzard of 2011! It may slow us down more than we had hoped in returning to trapping. We may not be able to start up again until March.

One specific need we have is for someone who can commit to having the cats in their garage the evening before they go into PAWS and to be available for their pickup on that day for the trip. It’s a lot to ask, but if you think you can help, it could increase the number of trips we can make into the clinic. Currently it must be scheduled around my days off and it will limit the number of cats that we can neuter.

So, I know it’s hard, but we have to work within our limitations, so please be patient!

Take a Break from Winter and come to Sweet Tomatoes!

Our February Fun-Raiser at Sweet Tomatoes is on Tuesday, February 8th. Please print a flyer and bring it with you between 5 & 8 PM and Feral Fixers will receive 15% of your total bill! Come in for the great salads, the hearty soups and the Chocolate Lava Cake!

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