Just four more days until the third annual Frosty Claws Extravaganza!

As noted at the top of our home page, Feral Fixer's third annual Frosty Claws Open House is scheduled for this coming Sunday, January 16th, just four days away.

Yes, I know the Bears are playing that day, but look at it this way. If they win, then they'll be in the NFC Championship game next weekend against either Atlanta or Green Bay and THAT'S the game you want to watch, not this one. And, if they lose on Sunday, well then, you won't have been agonizing in front of the TV over it.

And we promise to announce the score at the end of each quarter, so you won't miss a thing!

The number of items in our Silent Auction continues to grow; we now have a cat tower, a cat quilt by JoEllen (I've seen this quilt and it is very, very, nice indeed), a gift certificate to Clara's, etc.

So, come on out to Frosty Claws on Sunday. And, it's still not to late to order the Early Bird 33% discount tickets on our website.

See you there!

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