Over the past two days, we processed another 31 cats at the PAWS-Chicago Spay/Neuter clinic. 14 of the cats were feral while 17 were 'friendly ferals'. It took us two days because on Thursday, Veterans Day, everyone who had made an appointment at PAWS decided to show up. Normally, many people do not show up with their pets, even though they have appointments - I guess it's kind of like the airlines overbooking. Well, on Thursday, everyone DID show up and PAWS wound up with 147 dogs and cats that day. Even for the miracle workers at PAWS, that's just too many animals for one day.

So, on Thursday, we got back our friendlies while today we got back our ferals (which they held over for the night). I did all the driving down and back between Tammy's house and PAWS. Once again, we had to borrow super-volunteer Sue's van to handle this large load of cats - Thanks Sue!

I actually brought 33 cats to PAWS, but they rejected one of the friendly ferals for surgery as they deemed him to be too small. And one of the ferals turned out to be already spayed (and microchipped), but it hadn't been ear-tipped. PAWS took care of that, along with giving it a rabies and distemper shot and treating it for fleas and ear-mites.

With these 31 cats, Feral Fixers has now processed 48 cats for the month. We've also now done 873 cats for the year - a new, yearly record for us. Obviously every additional cat we do this year will continue to set the bar higher. I'm sure we'll make 900+ cats for 2010, but I think 1,000 is out of the question... And, we've done 2,352 overall since our inception.

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