We processed 21 more cats at the PAWS-Chicago Spay/Neuter clinic today. I picked the cats up from Tammy's this morning and drove them to PAWS and then picked them up this evening and drove them back to Tammy's for recovery. 11 of these cats were ferals while 10 of them were 'friendly ferals'. 5 of them were too young/small for rabies vaccinations so they will need to revisit the vet in a few months time. I'm sure they're looking forward to it ☺

Once again, there is no way that this amount of cats could fit into my car, so we had to borrow super-volunteer Sue's van to do the trip back and forth - Thanks Sue!.

It sure was chilly this morning - I wore a light hoodie, but wished I had my heavy one and maybe my gloves. And just yesterday I was complaining about how unseasonably hot it was.

With these 21 cats, Feral Fixers has now TNR'd 74 cats this month, 745 this year and 2,224 overall.

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