We TNR'd another 23 cats at the PAWS-Chicago Spay/Neuter clinic on Thursday.

Super-volunteer Danielle drove in with me to bring them in (thanks Danielle!) and new super-volunteer Dale drove with me to pick them up and bring them back to Tammy's for recovery (thanks Dale!).

Super-volunteer Sue let us again use her van so that we could take in this large load of cats (thanks Sue!).

14 of the cats were ferals while 9 were friendly ferals. There were supposed to be 15 ferals, but one of them had a 'blessed event' overnight before she was brought in. Tammy said that when she opened up her garage on Thursday morning to get the cats ready to go, she heard the distinct 'peep peep peep' of newborn kittens. Sigh...

I'm not sure where the mom and kittens will be placed, but Tammy will find someone to watch over them for the several weeks it takes for the mom to wean the kittens. Then the mom will be brought in to PAWS to be fixed and, later on, the kittens will be brought in too.

One of the ferals we brought in today was a mom that also had given birth to kittens while in the trap (this happened while the trap and cat were at PAWS - before they were able to get around to surgery on the cat). We had brought this cat back and let it wean it's kittens - and now they're old enough so that they can 'miss their mom' for the couple of days that the whole process takes.

So, with these 23 cats, Feral Fixers has now TNR'd 28 cats for the month, 632 for the year and 2,111 overall.

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