Feral Fixers has reached another milestone - this past Sunday, we TNR'd our 2,000th cat!

This in just a little over a year since we TNR'd our 1,000th cat (on July 29th of last year).

Details from our President Tammy...

Mr. Ed is cat #2000.

A 12 week old kitten, from a colony in Bensenville, he has been fostered for the last 6 weeks by a volunteer, with his brothers and sisters, Beauty, Trigger, Flicka. His sisters like to chew on his whiskers, hence the short stubby ones that he has. Flicka had a bit of a cold the day of surgery so was unable to make the trip. She is on antibiotics and will go in next week most likely. Mr Ed is outgoing and ready to take part in any activity that might present itself! He is ready to go to a shelter as soon as space is available.

For the trip on Sunday, there were 5 friendlies. Super volunteer Jennifer took them in (Thanks Jennifer!) while super-volunteer Sue picked them up (Thanks Sue!).

Our rabies hold kitten was able to come back with Jennifer with no problems.

We also had Lena, an 8 month old tabby female friendly with cerebellar hyperplasia - wobbly kitten syndrome. The vet actually called me to find more out about her because Lena makes a clicking sound when she breathes sometimes. After the caretaker called the vet back, it was determined to go ahead with the surgery as Lena has always made that sound and she did just fine and came thru the surgery with no ill effects. We were very glad that PAWS took that extra care for this one cat and didn't simply reject her due to extra risk.

So, 2000 cats! By any measurement this is a wonderful milestone and one we're very proud of. With this hard work (and that of other independent TNR people in DuPage County), we were able to reduce the number of feral cats taken into Dupage County Animal Care & Control by 35% last year and we are hopeful of seeing another big decrease this year.

There is a lot of credit to go around for this. First of all to our President for keeping all of this going; finding volunteers, coordinating efforts, doing fundraising and all the other myriad things she does to keep Feral Fixers on track. Special thanks to super-volunteer Judy who stepped up to fill Tammy's shoes when Tammy had shoulder surgery. A humungous thanks to all of the other volunteers who have helped make this happen and kudos to the colony caretakers who work with us to make TNR the norm and not the exception.

Finally, we would be very remiss in not thanking the PAWS-Chicago Spay/Neuter clinic. Their ability to do surgeries on an 'industrial scale' (they are scheduled to do 17,000+ this year), their willingness to TNR these ferals for a VERY reasonable price, their willingness to take in large groups of ferals (with prior scheduling) and small groups of ferals (at any time), their willingness to treat each cat individually, even when we throw lots of 'curveballs' at them, is just great. Thank you PAWS and thank you to everyone else who made this possible. I'll say it once again:


(Picture thumbnails are of Mr. Ed - click on any of them to see a larger version)

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