On Thursday, we took 13 more cats to the PAWS-Chicago Spay/Neuter clinic. We originally were only scheduled to bring in 12 kittens, part of our "June is for Kittens" project that we have been working on. However, at the last minute, super-volunteer Laura trapped a feral cat and we included that in the mix.

I drove them into PAWS in the morning while new super-volunteer Danielle drove them back with me to super-volunteer Judy's house (Thanks Danielle! Thanks Judy!).

Do you know how much noise 12 kittens can make? It can be deafening at times, especially when they are all in carriers in the back seat of your car. None of them are more than a few feet behind you and they all seem to be encouraged to 'sing' when they hear someone else start up. It was actually pretty funny at times. There would be dead silence for a short period. Then one kitten would 'meow' and then another and then most of them would declare that they, too, had vocal chords and wanted to exercise them.

It was much quieter during the ride back as they were working off the effects of the anaesthesia. However, one of them seemed to recover quicker than most and 'serenaded' Danielle and I most of the way back...

With these 13 cats, Feral Fixers has now processed 66 cats this month, 458 this year and 1.937 overall.

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