This past Tuesday, Feral Fixers processed 5 more cats at the PAWS-Chicago spay/neuter clinic while yesterday, Wednesday, we did 12 more.

On Tuesday, new super-volunteer Danielle drove in the 5 cats (Thanks Danielle!) while super-volunteer Mary picked them up and drove them back to Judy's (Thanks Mary! Thanks Judy!).

Yesterday, I did the trip both ways.

The cats on Tuesday were a mom (Popcorn) and her 4 kittens (Peanut, Crackerjack, Pretzel & Nacho). One of the kittens, Crackerjack, had an enormous umbilical hernia, fully the size of a dollar coin that the operating vet at PAWS took care of. They've been fostered by Karen (thanks Karen!) for the last month and they went to another foster last evening and will stay there until they can go to a shelter. Popcorn and her brood were out of West Chicago, a seemingly limitless source of cats.

I've included some picture thumbnails of the four kittens. Clicking on any of them will show you a larger version of the picture.

With these 17 cats, Feral Fixers has now processed 53 cats for the month of July, 445 for the year and 1,924 overall.

Actually, we've done several more cats than that and are probably pretty close to 2,000. Our President, Tammy, keeps very meticulous records of all of the cats we've done and has recently sent this to me so that I can double-check the counts I report here on the blog and our website. It seems that I've missed at least one load, perhaps two - I'm making absolutely sure now. With all of the new drivers we have (THANK YOU!) sometimes I don't hear about a 'shipment' or else I forget that we've done it - but Tammy's records tell all. Also, one of the members of our Board of Directors, Kurt, is now processing the occasional batch of cats under the "Feral Fixers" umbrella, and I'll be including those numbers in our total too. So, look for an updated count very soon.

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