As I write this, we are close to 1900 cats since we became an official organization in September ’07. It was the end of July last year when we achieved 1,000 and it took us 18 months to do that. To have helped another nine hundred in just 12 months is amazing!

It would be great to be able to report that we were going to achieve our 2,000th cat in July, but I just don’t think our transport and recovery resources will enable us to do that. We should make that goal by the end of August, I’m crossing my fingers! We’ve had new volunteers that have helped lighten the load tremendously, but we just don’t seem to be able to create more time in everyone’s schedule! If you or someone you know would like to help us, please contact us!

“June is for Kittens” Results

Our donors were extremely generous and we received $2,265 at this writing to cover the costs of neutering 41 kittens in June! That is a huge amount and we are very grateful. Many people gave well above their comfort level and their generosity will have a far-reaching effect. Those kittens will NOT go on to create more kittens and the ones we have neutered and fostered will go on to happy homes. A huge win-win and we cannot express how much we appreciate your help!

Cataoke – Karaoke for Cat Lovers

Please join us for our summer event – Cataoke! This is our latest version of Wet Your Whiskers and we hope to provide everyone with a really enjoyable event. Attendees are already making plans about which songs they will perform! We will have snacks, cash bar, 50-50 raffle and lots of fun! We’ll be offering to sing for a $5 donation and the DJ has an extensive play list! Bring donations from our wish list to “Fill Our Van” to receive a raffle ticket for a gift basket. Pre-register for $15 by mailing to our P.O. Box by 7/15 or by PayPal by 7/16 and join us for a lot of fun!

Judy - a super-volunteer

Since I’ve been side-lined with surgery Judy has taken on the phone, scheduling and recovery in addition to the kittens she was already fostering and the trapping she was doing. There is no way one person can do all this, yet she has done an excellent job and 57 cats and kittens were neutered, with dozens of kittens being fostered and placed for adoption. All coordinated by Judy! Hopefully I will be able to take back a lot of the responsibilities, including the phone, soon. I don’t know what Feral Fixers would have done without Judy to rely on and we owe her an immense amount of gratitude for stepping in!!!

Where should we go to adopt?

We receive phone calls and e-mails asking where one should go to adopt – since Feral fixers does not do adoptions – and we always recommend the shelters and vets that help us by accepting and adopting the kittens and friendlies that we come across. Please visit PURRS, the Buddy Foundation, Felines Inc., West Suburban Humane Society, Heartland and Carriage Animal Hospital. But, remember, adopting opens up a cage for another cat to come in from the outside!

Hope to see you at Cataoke!

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