On Wednesday, we had 21 more cats processed at the PAWS-Chicago Spay/Clinic while today, Thursday we did nine more. Wednesday morning, super-volunteer Jennifer and I drove the cats into PAWS while on Wednesday afternoon, super-volunteer Sue and I picked up the cats and brought them back to Tammy's for recovery (Thanks Jennifer! Thanks Sue!). Today, super-volunteer Mary drove the nine cats into PAWS while I picked them up (Thanks Mary!).

These cats were from all over; Addison, Berkeley, Elmhurst, Lombard, Villa Park, etc. In addition, some of the cats on Wednesday represented the trappers being able to completely finish a couple of colonies - all cats in the colony now being spayed/neutered and vaccinated. This is the ideal situation - a colony completely taken care of. There will not be any increase in the colony, only a gradual decrease over time. The caretaker has to keep watch to see if any new cats join the colony (something which happens from time to time), but then it will be a case of trapping the 'one new cat', rather than having to deal with an out-of-control colony.

With these 30 cats, Feral Fixers has now taken care of 78 cats this month, 128 cats this year and 1,607 overall.

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