This past Sunday, I took 11 cats into the PAWS-Chicago Spay/Neuter clinic to be fixed.

You know I'm getting to be an old-timer there when the staff starts telling the feral cat 'newcomers' to talk to me about any questions they might have. Someone had brought in three feral cats to be fixed; the first time they had brought in any cats. He had some questions concerning the recovery of the cats. Though I've not done it myself, I've worked with our President, Tammy, who recovers nearly all of 'our' cats long enough to be able to answer the basic questions. I was very pleased to be able to offer him some advice on the ins and outs of the recovery procedure.

Julie and her sister Connie picked up the cats (Thanks Julie! Thanks Connie!) in the afternoon and brought them back to Tammy for recovery.

This is the start for a big week for us, possibly our busiest of the year. We'll have had the 11 for Sunday. We've already got 15 for Tuesday (we'll bring in just 10 or so), we're planning on 30 or so for Wednesday and perhaps another 10 for Thursday. Tammy has taken this week as a vacation week from her job and is coordinating all of the activities (like she always does). The transport is being divided amongst volunteers Mary (Thanks Mary!), Jennifer (Thanks Jennifer), Sue (Thanks Sue!), maybe Judy (Thanks Judy!) and myself.

With the 11 we did on Sunday, that brings us up to 38 for the month, 88 for the year and 1,567 overall.

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