Feral Fixers was recently very pleased to receive yet another donation of cat food from the PURRS-Naperville organization headed up by Rachael Resk.

We've had a long association with this wonderful organization - they've donated food and money to Feral Fixers and have placed many, many friendly cats and kittens that we've come across in our work. They do not have their own shelter, instead fostering out the cats until they're ready to adopt and then 'showing' them at local Pet stores.

The picture thumbnail shows the back of my son's SUV packed nearly to the brim with cat food donated by PURRS-Naperville. And this was the second load! The first load was even more full - packing the entire cargo area of the SUV - front to back - side to side and top to bottom. Click on the thumbnail to see a full-size version of the picture.

Feral Fixers distributes this food to various colony caretakers, caretakers who want to do right by 'their' ferals but who are just not able to afford enough cat food to keep their colony(s) well fed.

Thanks again Rachael and PURRS-Naperville! Feral Fixers and the caretakers who receive this food really appreciate it.

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