The first part of "Trap-Neuter-Return" (TNR) is "Trap" - and to trap cats you need traps to do so - good ones, sturdy ones, reliable ones. But even the best traps wear out over time. They are constantly handled and transported and occasionally dropped. They are out in the cold and heat, ice, snow and rain. They get soaked in cat urine and contaminated with cat feces. In short, they take a lot of abuse and even good traps can wear out. In addition, sometimes they just "grow legs and wander away". Add that to the fact that the number of volunteers we find that are willing to trap cats for us if only they had access to some traps, and you can see why our store of traps needs to be occasionally replenished and augmented...

Many of you may remember the ChipIn campaign we ran in October, asking people to "Chip In" with $800.00 so that we could buy some new traps. We are very happy to report that we raised $1,230.00 in this campaign (humungo thanks to everyone who contributed, especially HSBC who came up with a matching corporate donation). We added another $22 of our funds to make up a large order and, a couple of weeks ago, ordered 21 new traps of various sizes.

These traps arrived a few days ago and today I went over to Tammy's house to unpack and photograph them. They are so nice and shiny, it seems almost a shame to use them ☺

Of course they will be heavily used and we once again thank all of the people who "Chipped In" to help us buy these new traps - we promise that they will be put to full and productive use.

The two picture thumbnails are 'before' unpacking and 'after' unpacking - 21 shiny new traps in all. Clicking on either thumbnail will download a larger version of the picture.

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