I took in 9 more cats to the PAWS-Chicago Spay/Neuter clinic today. Six of them were ferals while three of them were "friendly ferals".

All went smoothly - the cats were ready when I arrived to pick them up in the evening and I was out of PAWS before 5:30pm, - something which is very nice. I like to get home on a weekend evening early enough to be able to work on another project...

With these 9 cats, Feral Fixers has now had 52 cats fixed this month, 374 cats fixed this year and 985 cats fixed since our inception. We are very hopeful to get our 1,000th cat fixed this coming Sunday, the 26th. That will be a day to celebrate!

Note that we have also slightly changed our menu items, on the left side of each page. A new menu category has been created; "How many cats ?". This menu contains only a single item, a number showing how many cats Feral Fixers has had spay/neutered since its inception. For example, it now says "986 and counting...". Clicking on this number will bring you to the Statistics page where you can see how we have arrived at this number, month by month, since we began. Of course we will keep this up-to-date as we progress.

We would again like to thank the colony caretakers, the volunteers, the donors, PAWS-Chicago, PURRS-Naperville, and all the others who have helped make this possible - thank you for caring about the cats!

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