Over the past week, Feral Fixers has made three more trips to the PAWS Chicago Spay / Neuter Clinic, bringing in cats to be fixed.

Last Saturday, we brought in 4 cats while on Sunday we brought in 8. Today we did 10 more. I brought 11 cats to PAWS yesterday, but they were unable to get to them until today. And, unfortunately, one of them died shortly after being given anesthesia. The PAWS personnel made heroic attempts to revive the cat, but to no avail. A necropsy afterwards revealed that this cat had extensive heart disease. This is one of those unfortunate things which happens once in a great while. The caregiver is, of course, quite upset, as is everyone else who was involved. However, it doesn't mean we should quit doing this and so we will continue using TNR to attack the problem of cat overpopulation.

With these 22 cats, Feral Fixers has now had 977 cats fixed since its inception.

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