On Tuesday morning, Jennifer transported 7 ferals to the PAWS-Chicago Spay/Neuter clinic to receive their spay/neuter package. I was scheduled to pick them up Tuesday afternoon. However, about 1:00pm on Tuesday, Tammy called me to let me know that the ferals would not be ready on Tuesday but to pick them up Wednesday instead.

As I had nothing going on Wednesday afternoon, this was no big deal for me and so I was able to pick them up on Wednesday. This is just another example, however, of how things can get moved around at the last moment in this line of work. Really, Tammy does a great job on the logistics of all of this. We have several drivers now and this allows us to mix 'n move at the last minute, if necessary, so that we can keep processing the cats.

This is not the first-time this has happened to us at PAWS. Because of their very generous policy of not requiring appointments for less than 10 feral cats, sometimes they get can overwhelmed when a bunch of people bring in 5-6-7 or more cats on a single day. Such was the case on Tuesday and so several of us had to come down on Wednesday to pick them up.

The PAWS clinic always lets us know as soon as they can when this rescheduling becomes necessary. They take care of the cats overnight, of course, including feeding them. And in our case, this time, we had a 'special needs' cat - a really big one that needed to be moved to a larger trap for his overnight stay. Tammy had tried to move him to a larger trap before we transported him to PAWS, but he was having none of it. However, when I brought him back to Tammy's tonight, he was only too happy to move into a larger trap - I guess he had enough of 2nd-class accommodations ☺

With these 7 cats, Feral Fixers has now processed 370 cats for this fiscal year and 846 since our inception in September of 2007.

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