Another day, another trip to the PAWS-Chicago Spay / Neuter clinic, another batch of cats fixed. Today we just had 5 cats. 4 of them were feral (3 from Elmhurst and 1 from Hanover Park) and 1 'friendly feral', this from Lombard. This friendly feral is truly a friendly cat. He was living in an abandoned car (the car had a broken window so he was able to get in and out). He's so friendly (obviously someone dumped him - he is in great shape, he was found wearing a flea-collar, but no micro-chip) that the PAWS clinic is going to accept him into their adoption program.

This is yet another way that PAWS is helping us in the TNR community. In addition to providing, by far, the best, and lowest cost feral package, they occasionally donate food and supplies which we pass on to the colony caretakers. They also allow TNR people to bring in up to 10 ferals per day without an appointment. Now, they will be taking some of the truly adoptable cats we find and putting them into their adoption program. The friendly we brought down today was neutered, vaccinated and tested for FiV/FeLV (both tests came back negative). We now have to foster this cat for two weeks as it has been living on the street and PAWS wants to make sure that symptoms of any other illness do not show up. Once the two week period is over, then PAWS will take it and find him a good home. Thanks PAWS - and thanks, Tammy, for finding the foster home.

We're now up to 84 cats fixed for the month. A couple of weeks ago, Tammy and I were talking about how it might be possible to process 100 cats in a month, but neither of us was very serious about it. Thanks to Tammy's tireless efforts and the PAWS clinic opening up slots for us so that we can bring in 20+ cats at a time, it looks we'll make 100 cats this month, easy.

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