Yesterday we processed 8 cats at the PAWS-Chicago Spay / Neuter clinic while today we did another 6 cats. Of the 14 cats, total, 12 were ferals while 2 were 'friendly ferals'.

'Friendly Feral' - now there is an interesting term... One of the 'friendlies' we had from yesterday was a calico named 'Precious'. This was a cat which is, presumably, friendly towards it's caretaker - but to others, however, not so much. Tammy told me to watch out for the cat - it would act friendly for about 30 seconds and then decide not to be nice. When the PAWS Veterinarian, Dr. Cirello, examined Precious, this turned out to be very true. When Dr. Cirillo initially got Precious out of her cage, she seemed a bit shy, but nice and friendly. Dr. Cirello put her on the scale, weighed her, and then started doing her initial examination. Precious tolerated this for about 15 seconds and then she decided to get un-friendly. By the time the exam was done, Dr. Cirello had to have her wrapped up in a towel to preven being bitten and scratched.

When I came to pick her up that night, she actually barked at the person who was carrying her out from the back to the lobby. Seriously, she barked - it sounded like a chihuahua - a short, sharp bark. Very odd. All the way home, she was hissing and growling - not a happy camper. She wasn't as scary as Shark, but unfriendly nonetheless.

Always something new... With these 14 cats, Feral Fixers has now processed 82 cats for the year and 695 since our inception. This weekend, if all goes well, we might get up to another 20-25 cats done. Here's hoping...

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