This week we're featuring Cory Williams very popular YouTube video "Hey Little Sparta" (aka "The Mean Kitty Song"). It has it all; neat visuals, a catchy tune and a photogenic and energetic house cat.

This video, and some subsequent ones made by Cory, were so popular, he created Mean Kitty's own YouTube video channel (just like the Pope!). You can find the channel by clicking here.

When I was at the PAWS-Chicago spay-neuter clinic last Saturday, Yvette Pina (another person who helps people with Feral Cats - be sure to check out her story about the "Convent Kitties") told me that Sparta was Feluk positive (i.e., Sparta had feline leukemia). I checked this out and it is unfortunately true. If you visit the Mean Kitty channel, you'll see this update about Sparta:

UPDATE JANUARY 14th 2009: Some of you may be wondering why I haven't released a Mean Kitty video in a while, but I wasn't ready to announce why publicly until I knew for sure what was happening to him. Sparta has been limping for a bit over a month and after many visits to the vet, they found out why. He tested positive for leukemia. We're not sure what is causing the limping, but we do know that joint issues can be caused by the virus. He doesn't seem to be showing pain and he is just as playful as he has always been, so we're not going to show any sadness. Love and comfort is the best remedy and we are working with the doctors to find long term solutions to keep him healthy.

So, let's all hope for the best for Sparta and, without further ado, here is the "Hey Little Sparta" video:

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