'Only' six cats today and I only had to pick them up this evening (Jennifer drove them in this morning - thanks Jennifer!) All of them were feral - no 'friendlies' this time...

The PAWS-Chicago Spay/neuter clinic where we bring the cats in to be fixed gave us 10 more bags of cat-food today to take home and distribute to various colony caretakers (this is on top of the 20 bags they gave us a week or so ago). Hey PAWS - you guys rock!

With these six cats, Feral Fixers has now fixed 124 cats this month (our second most ever, behind only this past March when we did 125), 731 this year and 1,342 overall. Geez, are we really going to do 800 this year?

Finally, there are only 3 days left in October. Please consider donating to our "ChipIn" campaign mentioned at the top of our home webpage. The more money we collect, the more traps we can buy, and the more traps we can buy, the more cats we can get fixed.

Thank you!

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