Sigh, another day, another load of cats... Today we brought in 12 more cats to the PAWS Chicago Spay/Neuter clinic to be fixed. 9 of them were ferals and 3 of them were 'friendly ferals'.

I've traveled to the PAWS clinic so many times in the past two years, it now almost seems like visiting family. I know most of the vets and vet-techs and all of the office personnel. I bring them donuts occasionally (like I did today), but really need to bring them something that's healthier. I'd like to bring a fruit platter, but am concerned about the quality - with Dunkin' Donuts, at least you know what you're getting... ☺

As you all know, we're an all-volunteer organization - none of us makes a dime in salary or wages or bonuses or anything like that. Good volunteers are hard to find, especially for an endeavor like ours. We are fortunate now to have several volunteers that have now worked with us for many months (or more) and, because of this, we can trust them with more and more tasks. This allows us to multiply our efforts even further and is a major factor in the increased number of cats we're now able to handle.

With today's 12 cats, Feral Fixers has now had 104 cats fixed this month. This is the second month where we've done 100+ cats, the first being this past March. We've done 711 cats this year and 1,322 overall. We're doing a bunch more cats this coming Sunday and then more on the following Wednesday, so we have an excellent chance to make this month the most productive in our 2+ year history.

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