Yesterday, we took 11 feral cats to the PAWS-Chicago Spay/Neuter clinic to be fixed while today we took 9 cats (5 ferals and 4 'friendlies'). Unfortunately (or, fortunately, I guess) two of the cats we took in today we're already fixed; one of the ferals and one of the 'friendlies'. So, we had 18 cats fixed over these past two days. Jennifer drove them in on Wednesday (Thanks Jennifer!) while I picked them up and then I also did the trip both ways today.

The PAWS people did everything to these two already-fixed cats (except the spay/neuter surgery, of course) including ear-tipping the feral. That's one cat that won't have to be transported to PAWS again!

With these 18 cats, Feral Fixers finished up September by doing a total of 91 cats. We've now done 7 so far this month (October), 614 for this year and 1,225 overall.

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