The Last Trip Of 2023

Even tho it was time for a break, we still had two cats that could be done –

12/29 – ADOPT – 2 friendlies, both males. NutterButter is a kitten that was brought inside by the caretaker and will be staying as a pet. Coalman came to us severely dehydrated and malnourished to the extent that he spent two days at Glen Ellyn on fluids after receiving injectable antibiotics. Turns out he had calici – a virus that is prevented by the FVRCP vaccination that all cats we process receive – if only he had been neutered sooner and that could have been prevented! He still has a tiny red tip to his tongue but is sooo much healthier and plans are that his caretaker will be bringing him inside as well. Total: 45 for December, 928 for 2023, 14,880 since our start. We have no intention of neutering anyone before the 3rd week of January – too much to do in the interim!!!

12/29/23 trip - What a different life for these two males. NOT "just two" but two more!

This Can Still Happen Anywhere

“Hundreds of stray cats that roam a historic seaside tourist area of Puerto Rico’s capital where they are considered both a delight and a nuisance will be removed over the coming year, under a plan unveiled Tuesday by the U.S. National Park Service.” Two hundred cats need to be removed in six months in an area covering 75 acres surrounding a historic site in San Juan.

Associations And Management Companies Banning Trapping

Recently we’ve received calls from people who have been told that they cannot trap a feral or even a lost pet because it is illegal to trap. While it may not comply with the association or lease rules, it is not illegal in DuPage Country to trap a cat:


  1. Whenever an animal control warden observes or is informed that an animal is roaming freely and not under the control of the owner, the animal shall be immediately apprehended and impounded. Any person may apprehend a stray animal and inform the local police or the administrator so that the stray animal can be impounded.”

New Law May Help Vet Shortage - Florida

Effective July 1, 2023, Florida veterinarians struggling with a dangerous backlog of spay/neuter services became able to call on colleagues from out of state to help, thanks to new legislation signed by Florida Governor Ron DeSantis.

Don’t Answer the Phone

When I mention how stressful the volume of phone calls can be, I’ve been advised, “Just don’t answer it.” Yesterday there was a perfect illustration of why I still have to. Lady called, there was an injured cat in her back yard (back legs not working) but it had managed to scramble away, and she had to get to work. I told her that if she could get it in a carrier, then we could see what we could do but our options were very limited, there wasn’t a volunteer available that I knew of, and the cat had taken off. Daughter calls 20 minutes later that cat was back, thought she could get the cat in something, had not been able to get thru to DCAS. Waiting for another call from her I managed to reach DCAS and despite how overwhelmingly busy they were, they were willing to help the cat. Daughter called, got it into a box, DCAS said bring it. Cat had been hit by a car, we had TNR’d her in 2011 so she was over 12 years old, she was in extremely bad shape so I authorized euthanasia. Left message for first caretaker who was just a block away. She called back, had not lived there for 10 years but daughter still feeding the cats, so would let her know. This is an example of how many people are willing to work together to help just one cat and to find the best outcome for it, relieving its suffering. This is what keeps us going and we are so appreciative of everyone who helps, from first caretaker doing TNR to current Good Samaritan to the people who answer a phone and fit in one more cat. Thank you all!

See You at Frosty Claws!

Debbie out did herself this year! Afghan for Frosty Claws Silent Auction 64" x 78". Super comfy!

Happy New Year!

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