We had a busy day at our adoption event on Saturday, 12/4, at our building in Lombard.  Many guests stopped by to meet our delightful cats & kittens.  Our main room and get acquainted rooms were hopping!

3 adoptions occurred at the event.  4 adoptions have occurred or are scheduled to occur as a result of meetings during the event.  1 application was received which will likely result in an adoption next weekend.

This is a tribute to the outstanding stars of our show - 4 adult cats & older kittens (Nordstrom & Norway, Weston & Weigela) and 16 younger kittens (Baker, Henry, Ritzie, Nessie, Lexi, Daizy, Dallas & Danielle, Melvin, Meeko, Miera, Meggie, Linus, Linguini, Dawson, Christy).  Everyone did a nice job engaging with our guests in their crates and in the get acquainted rooms.

The 3 adoptions that occurred at the event included:

  • Baker – Adopted by a couple in Villa Park with a 4 yr old male cat buddy and 2 dogs.  Baker’s prior dog experience made him a good match.
  • Henry & Ritzie – Adopted by a couple in Hoffman Estates with a long history of pet ownership who had recently lost their last cat.

The 4 adoptions that occurred or are scheduled to occur as a result of meetings at the event include:

  • Linguini & Linus – Adopted by a young woman and her family in Villa Park as their first fur children.  They waited until Monday to pick up the kittens to get everything prepared.
  • Nessie – Adopted by a family in Lombard with a 2 yr old male cat playmate.
  • Melvin – Scheduled to be adopted this Saturday by a family in West Dundee with a 2 yr old female cat they previously adopted from us and a 9 yr old dog who get along famously.

In addition, 5 adults and older kittens and 18 younger kittens were adopted from their foster homes since our last adoption event on 11/13:


  • Elite – Adopted by a couple in Lake Zurich with 2 lab dogs.  Elite informed the dogs that she will be in charge and all was well!
  • Jackie – Adopted by a former adopter for their mom in Westmont who lives alone and had cats previously.

Older Kittens:

  • Bodie – Adopted by a couple in Streamwood who previously lost their chihuahuas.
  • Karsten – Adopted by a family in Lombard where dad is home fulltime to give him lots of attention.
  • Roma – Adopted by a couple in Medinah as a companion for the 1 yr old male cat they previously rescued.

Younger Kittens:

  • Dabney & Davey – Adopted by a family in Lisle who were prior dog parents and converted to cats.
  • Daffodil – Adopted by a couple in Oswego with an 11 yr old female cat.
  • Damitri – Adopted by a couple in Hillside who recently lost their cat.
  • Darby – Adopted by a work-from-home couple in Lombard who have a 4 yr old male cat playmate.
  • Dorito – Adopted by a gal couple in Grayslake who previously adopted Hennessey and needed a playmate for him.
  • Gadget - Adopted by a family in Lombard who are neighbors of the foster family and watched these kittens grow up.  They also have a 6 yr old female cat and German Shephard dog.
  • Gambit & Gatzby – Adopted by another family in Lombard who are neighbors of the foster family.  They also have a 3 yr old female cat.
  • Garbo & Gazelle – Adopted by a young man in Downers Grove as his first fur children.
  • Libby – Adopted by a young couple in Geneva as their first fur child.
  • Misha & Mitzi – Adopted by a long-time friend of their foster, who transported them back to live with her in southern CA, along with her 12 yr old female cat.  They handled the trip well!
  • Mister & Mitts – Adopted by a retired couple in Tinley Park whose prior cat had passed.  They were referred to us by a former adopter.
  • Morie & Morty – Adopted by a retired gal in Woodridge to be her cuddle buddies.

This resulted in a total of 22 adoptions in November, which was down from October, likely due to the mid-summer slowdown in healthy kitten births.  But as our fall kittens are becoming available, December is starting off strong with 13 adoptions so far.

Many thanks to the foster families who brought their kittens to this event (Dee/Abby, Jan/Dean, Erin, Cheri, De, Katy, Agnes, Lauren/Marina, Tracy).  Special thanks to the fosters who were also able to stay during the event to interact with our guests and promote their fosters.

Many more thanks to the volunteers who made this event possible.  Candy & Trista - for help cleaning the building prior to the event. Sara and Steve - for the efficient set-up.  Sara, Trista & Candy - for the great job with adoption counseling and interacting with our guests.  Steve - for the professional looking cage cards & for covering the front desk and greeting our guests.  Candy - for the photography and videography during the event and for transporting kittens to/from the event. Sara – for helping with the laundry.

We have 1 more adoption event at our building this year where we will feature many new kittens, who were rescued this fall and are now old enough for spay/neuter and adoption, as well as some new adult cats:

Saturday, December 18, 11am-3pm

Looking forward to seeing you there!



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