Giving Tuesday Going Well

We still need your help! The good news is that we are at 19% of our goal and we have until December 31st to get there. Great to hear from former adopters and from caretakers we've helped over the years. There are so many non-profits asking for your donations – it can't be easy deciding who to support. Please follow us on Facebook and see the wonderful cats we've helped in the past and make sure we can continue to help more! Thank you for your assistance and please share this fundraiser with friends and family and fill up all the squares!

December 4th Adoption Event At The Building

We have our list of cats ready for this Saturday, 11am to 3pm. Weston and Weigela are scheduled to be there. We try to have a variety of coat colors on these days but its more about the individual cat than how they look. While there are characteristics that connect with coat colors, our cats seem to have an extra special something, people often fall in love with a completely different cat than they expected when they meet. You never know. Get pre-approved for adoption so that when that perfect kitty is in front of you, you will be able to move forward. As always, spread the word!

Another Spay/Neuter Trip

We've almost neutered all the kittens we have on hand. We sent 10 to DCAS on 11/29/21, 9 friendlies and one feral (he just does not want to tame), 5 males, 5 females.

We got a friendly cat from a caretaker. Had a microchip so we thought he was neutered. When he would finally let us check, nope, not neutered. There seems to be a group that is putting chips in before the cats get neutered which can be very confusing. As of 11/29/21 at Glen Ellyn Animal Hospital, Shipman has now had a dental, neutering and all the other services, including our chip to make sure he can be identified in the future. He's a tough guy, been thru a lot, has a cauliflower ear and limited sight in one eye, estimated to be 9 years old and will be going to a foster this weekend to see how that goes. And he's a black shorthair with tiny white hairs running thru his coat – a frosting.

This brings us to 68 for November, 757 for 2021 and 13,205 since we started.

Thank you all for your help!

Honest, new cats every time!

This is Shipman, such a character!
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