Still More Cats!

We made two trips to DCAS –

  • 10/21 with 19 ferals and 6 friendlies, 13 females, 12 males.
  • 10/28 with 29 ferals and 1 friendly, 14 females and 16 males.

Three trips to ADOPT –

  • 10/29 with 6 friendlies, 1 female, 5 males.
  • 11/4 with 1 feral, 9 friendlies, 3 female, 7 males.
  • 11/11 with 1 feral and 14 friendlies, 5 female, 10 males.

This brings us to 120 for October, 25 for November to date, 714 for 2021, and 13,163 since our beginning!!!

Trapping Ends But Still Much To Do!

We have to bring trapping to a close at this time of year. The cats' health is impacted with surgeries and vaccinations so we have to take a break. It may result in additional litters still this year or before we can get to them in the Spring but there is only so much we can do. If there is a litter in your yard, provide them a shelter, food, water and call us first thing when the overnight temperatures are consistently above freezing. We usually start back up late in March, especially if the cats have good shelter. Think ahead and keep our information on hand and we'll do the best we can. Think about how you can help us help you. Spread the word about Feral Fixers, we need more volunteers for cat care, fostering, trapping, cleaning, how you can help us depends on you as an individual, what your skills are and what you enjoy doing. We still have dozens and dozens of wonderful kittens on hand, many who are yet to be neutered and posted, please spread the word about our adoptables. Today, we have 23 cats posted on our Petfinder, please fill out the application to be considered for one of our very special cats. There's nothing like a room of 15 cats at an adoption event wanting their own warm, happy home!

Still Time for #13,000 Shirts

Please click on our Shirt Fundraiser link. We had some supply chain issues where XL shirts were not available for one of the T-Shirts - our apologies for the difficulties. The fundraiser ends on November 16th. Thank you to everyone who has ordered, look forward to seeing you in your new shirts! 

Thank you!

What a difference a day makes - trip for 10/28 - full room!

Sometimes the fosters live closer to the clinic so take kittens directly to s/n for us - why you only see 7 here for 11/4.  They still get pre-labeled carriers and paperwork in advance.

Elke is just the sweetest - she was transferred to WSHS for adoption after her spay!
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