Our 13,000th cat was neutered during our September 30th trip to DCAS! We expected Gee Whiz to be a male - big, long-haired tabby – but was a female! The naming wasn't planned to work out this way, but the caption that DCAS gave on their Facebook "Gee Whiz #13,000!!!" is very appropriate! In the beginning I thought we would be done at 3,000 cats, oh my! We're very grateful for the help and support of all our donors and volunteers, the vets we count on so much, who have made this possible! Think about it – of the 13,000 cats, if half were females, and if unspayed, those females went on to have even one litter of 4 kittens – that's 26,000 kittens we prevented. There are not enough homes for that many cats. Imagine the pain and suffering we stopped cold. Imagine the joy and happiness we brought to the caretakers who have healthy outside cats to care for the rest of their days and the adoptive families who now are enjoying their feline family members!

On 9/30 we sent 25 cats, 21 ferals and 4 friendlies, of which 10 were females and 15 were males.

Since there are always more – on 10/1 we sent 5 friendly kittens to ADOPT, 2 females and 3 males. Included were Brisco, Brumby & Brie – if there were a contest for longest ear tufts, they would win for sure – they will cause a sensation when they are posted for adoption!

That brings us to 94 for September, 5 for October, 574 for 2021, and 13,023 since our beginning!!!

Thank you!

Ready for the trip... Dr. Von Waldau & #13,000!

Dr. Von Waldau & Vet Tech Rachel Got my eartip, can I go now?

21 ferals lined up and ready for transport There's always more! ADOPT trip 10/1

Feral Cat Day Event

National Feral Cat Day is October 16th – we will celebrate on Saturday, October 16th 11am – 3pm. Drive-by donations of supplies, bake sale, Boutique items, pumpkins available for monetary donations! 330 Eisenhower Ln N, Lombard. Easy to find, take Finley Rd and turn East on Eisenhower at the light, we're at the fork in the road. Short notice, we have been so busy!

We've been in the building for adoption events, but we may still have to limit the number inside for this event – working out those details. The Boutique items will probably be inside and everything else outside. Wear masks inside.

We'll have the Feral Fixers vehicle to load up donations with minimal contact. If you would like to bake for our sale, please contact Sue at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. If you would like to volunteer, please contact Tammy at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Check out our wish list under Buy Something on our website. You can also visit our AmazonSmile wish list for more ideas. And you can download an event flyer here.

Get your Halloween pumpkins & gourds at our National Feral Cat Day Celebration!
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