Updates On Previous Post Challenges

Wanted to give an update on the three cats mentioned in the last blog post.

Valley Girl has doubled in size in a week, the bot wound on her shoulder has healed and while her left eye is still scary alien eye, bulgy and opaque, she is doing tons better. She is so tiny that finding a manufactured Elizabethan collar is just about impossible, the paper plate collar is working well, preventing her from scratching that eye. She still has that eye removal in her future but things are definitely improving.

Ralphie had FOURTEEN teeth removed this past Tuesday. One left in his whole mouth. Why not take that one, you ask? Why remove something that is healthy? His foster-to-adopt comes today to pick him up. Please cross your fingers that the girl cats there welcome him to join their family!

More has been added to Landon's story. He is scheduled for a dental on the 21st – hope he gets to keep more teeth than Ralphie! His picture from the last post was seen, recognized as a cat on Pawburst – a site for lost pets – and we were contacted. Seven years ago, at the estimated age of 4, he was brought in. Over the years, more cats were added to the household and he decided he would rather be outside. Loves humans but too many other felines made him uncomfortable and he would demand to be let out. When cats want something and will yell to get it, loudly, its hard to say no. He's been doing okay but he has been spending more and more time outside, he's getting older, there's that dental he needs, and its time to try to find the right home for him, which we will be trying to do. Landon is a large, 10+ lbs, tall black/white cat. He needs a home that will give him individualized attention, no other pets (got sniffed by a Siberian Husky in the waiting room at the vet – Yikes!) and an adopter with the strength of will to keep him inside. That's a lot to ask of an adopter but we need to try for this great cat, making the second half of his life safe and healthy.

Fundraiser - ends Sunday night!

As I write this, we are at 78% of our goal for the As If They Were Our Own Fundraiser. These funds allow us to care for those cats that need extra support. They might not have a dedicated caretaker or a caretaker that cannot afford $600+ for a dental. There is an incredible need out there and we are doing our best to care for just a small number of cats that need help. $1,755 more in donations will allow us to meet our matched funds goal of $8,100. Please help us meet this challenge, share with your friends and family, the fundraiser ends Sunday at midnight! Also, Roxbury who is mentioned in our Campaign Details for this fundraiser has been adopted! Yay!

Donation Realty Nonprofit Program

Donation Realty recognizes the vital role nonprofit organizations have in society by providing key services. Donation Realty donates $2,000 to a local nonprofit organization every time someone buys or sells a house with them...$5,000 when someone buys and sells. This money then goes to help your favorite charity, school, museum, library, and/or church, so long as it is an IRS-approved not-for-profit. Contact Brian Sloan at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for more information. They do not have an approved list of charities, it is all determined by the customer. This is not an endorsement but we have seen other non-profits in the area benefit. If you are buying or selling, check it out!

Another 15!

On 9/9 we sent 15 cats to DCAS, 8 ferals and 7 friendlies. Of those 3 were females and 12 were males. This brings us to 35 for September, 510 for the year and 12,959 since our beginning. Yee-Ha!


Checking them off the list before loading up in the AM. We appreciate the DCAS vehicle so much! Friendlies in their carriers in the windows awaiting surgery!

Loaded up for the trip home - orange dots mean "done"!

Mom was trapped today and the deck these kittens were under had to be disassembled to get at them. Big thanks to the caretakers who were willing to put in that effort!

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