ADOPT was able to let us back in with a trip on 12/2!

On 12/2 we took 9 friendlies in, 1 male, 8 females.

On 12/9 we took 11 friendlies, 5 male, 6 female.

On 12/16 there were 10 friendlies and 1 feral. The one kitten was done as a feral as he just keeps changing his mind as to how friendly he's going to be – hoping the neuter will make all the difference! Of the 11 there were 5 males and 6 females.

With these cats we neutered 31 in December so far, 746 for the year and 12,431 since our start.

Barring any surprises, we have 16 kittens in the queue left to neuter. Kittens were born late this year, what a year! We are just plain exhausted!

Our newsletter will be out soon, so instead of duplicating information, we'll be brief here.

As always, thank you so much for your help and all the good wishes we have been receiving along with donations! Take care, stay healthy – 2021 will be better!

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