Feral Fixers wishes you all a safe and healthy Thanksgiving! No matter how you will celebrate, do your best to be positive and think about all the wonderful things you have enabled us to do this year. As of this writing we have neutered 705 cats, increasing their health and longevity for years to come. We have also found homes for 287 cats this year alone! Thank you all for your continued support of Feral Fixers!

One More Trip

On 11/18 we made another trip to ADOPT with 10 friendlies. There were 4 females and 6 males, bringing our November total to 45 cats, our total for the year to 715 and our to-date total is 12,400! These kitties will be showing up on our Facebook and Petfinder soon.

Covid 19 Impact

We were scheduled to make another trip to ADOPT on 11/20. On 11/19 one of their clinic staff tested positive and we had to cancel that trip. We don't know when they will be able to do surgeries for us again – any positive test extends the quarantine period, they are staying in touch. In the meantime, DCAS is going to try to squeeze in a handful of surgeries a week – really, they will try to do 4 a week since the mobile unit does not operate well in the cold and they are already so busy and on a government building level lockdown themselves. All other clinics are slammed as no one really caught up this year with s/n surgeries. Looks like we are ending the year as we began, cats on hand and waiting for slots. As we are waiting, a few of the kittens that we had no hopes of taming have done a 360 and decided to be friendly after all, this is an interesting time! I've had the opportunity to talk caretakers thru bringing cats indoors themselves, how to make the s/n appointments and what they should ask for. We may end up with a more educated public as a result of the restrictions we're under!


Thanksgiving brings all those shopping and fundraising "Days" – Black Friday, Small Business Saturday, Cyber Monday and of course, Giving Tuesday. To support Feral Fixers we need to join in the chaos but hope to find entertaining ways for you to participate! Keep us in mind as you peruse the Black Friday ads – everyday stuff we use may be on sale! When you shop Small Business Saturday, mention to the owner that you support Feral Fixers – new relationships start in small ways. On Cyber Monday, use AmazonSmile, check out our Wish List and shop BF specials which will result in donations to Feral Fixers. Black Cat Giving Tuesday kicks off on 12/1 and we have an ambitious goal to match $6,000 to fund spay/neuters, veterinary care, basic operations which support the cats for the coming year. Please share all of these "Days" and the ways your friends and families will help us into 2021.


Calls for relocation of cats has gone up but luckily, calls to receive cats that need to be relocated have increased as well. Our Working Cats come from situations where they are in danger, no longer have support, or are making trouble in the area they are in (usually in the neighbor's opinion 😊). Our ability to relocate is dependent on people seeking to employ our Working Cats so it can be a bit of a juggling act. Story of a recent case: Woman brings a feral cat she had trapped to DCAS, demanding that it be euthanized. Chipped to Feral Fixers, we were contacted. We are always notified when a cat with our chip comes in. A healthy five year old, DCAS was not willing to euthanize but clearly he could not go back where he had been living as this resident would trap him again and who knows what she would do then. His original caretaker had moved two years ago but clearly the other residents were caring for him well (weighs over 10lbs). While I could not speak to the person who was said to be feeding him the most, another neighbor said they fed him every time they saw him and had no problem with him. He was updated on his vaccinations, received treatment and antibiotic for an ear wound and then I held him awaiting a relocation site. Shanty complained the whole time as he would rather be out and about, but was very comfortable. He was relocated to Our Sustainable Journey and is doing great! We DO NOT advocate interacting with the cats we relocate but sometimes those animal friendly kids just go ahead. While he is not an indoor cat, he clearly likes people and is comfortable with them and this will be a great place for him to live! Please share our Working Cats info to anyone who needs their services – offices, warehouses, farms, stables, rural backyards, so many situations the cats fit so well!




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