93 Cats 6 Trips 10 Days

Can't turn down surgery slots when we still have cats to do. I called this my Hell week and then still added another day. Still working too hard and making multiple trips. Hoping so hard that we will see a resulting difference in the Spring. Despite there being so many cats still out there – it snowed today! We don't want cats with lowered immune systems and bare bellies out in below 30 degree weather. We still have at least 40 kittens on hand to be neutered, the litters were very late this year for some reason, so you will still see us neutering more but we have to stop the adults! Last feral trip is October 29th. We neutered another 93 cats in October for a total of 108 so far, total for the year is 621 and 12,306 since our start in 2007. We're doing the best we can!


On 10/15 we had cats that had returned from s/n, ones awaiting 10/16 trip and kittens! All covered and toasty!


On 10/19 we sent 26 cats to DuPage County Animal Services (DCAS).


On 10/21 we sent 4 ferals and17 friendlies - some will be posted for Adoption soon!


Feral Cat Day Event & As If They Were Our Own

NFC Day went very well despite the 50+ mph winds and some rain at the outset. The donors really seemed to enjoy seeing us, dropping off so many donations of food and litter and towels, etc. and buying shirts and bake sale items. Donors also took this opportunity to shop on AmazonSmile, etc and have items shipped directly to us. It was great to see everyone who stopped by! We will do this again! Look for a repeat in the Spring! Our online fundraiser, "As If They Were Our Own" matched our goal of $3,500 and went beyond! This is a huge help when our monthly bill for "other" health care in addition to s/n can average $3,000. Additional vaccinations, dental care, surgeries, you name it. Our spokescat, Valentino, was adopted by his foster, she spent so much time with him and bonded with him so closely, she could not let him go! The picture to the right is Valentino after he's all recovered!  Thank you to everyone who donated to help him and SO many others that we assist!

Building – More progress!

Ramp poured! Need to fill in the excavation around the concrete yet and railing to be installed. Most of the sinks and laundry appliances are installed. We re-used the doors already in the building but cut windows in them so we can see what is going on in the cat rooms before we open the door! All of the furniture was left behind by previous tenants, again re-using everything we can. We are planning every step. We had to select everything going into the building in advance to make sure we would place doors correctly, water and gas hookups, etc. With all of our planning, we are still getting very close to our budgeted amounts so donations are of huge importance. One donor, when told about our wonderful work sink, wrote a check immediately for the full cost of it. Our clothes washers were donated by another generous donor as soon as she knew we had closed on the building. If you see something that you would like to help us with, please let us know! We couldn't do this without your donations, please continue to support this huge change for Feral Fixers!





This is our custom-made sink. With this we will be able to wash any trap and a lot of cages without even having to break them down - saving so much time and effort! One donor, upon learning of our plan, asked how much it cost and wrote a check immediately for the whole thing - our donors are great!



Slow Blinking Can Make The Difference

Don't know about you, but with mask wearing, more communication needs to be done with our eyes. I find myself slow blinking at humans these days! Here's some research being done on cats.

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